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Konvision KVM-9050W

Konvision KVM-9050W; 9″ 3G HD  1280×768 LCD Monitör, LED arka ışık.

– Hafif ve dayanıklı alüminyum tasarım.
– LED Backlight
– 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI sinyal desteği
– 2xSDI, DVI/HDMI/VGA, Composite ve Component giriş/çıkış imkanı
– Dahili güç kaynağı ile hem AC hem DC  çalışma imkanı,
– V-mount veya AB mount batarya desteği
– PIP/PBP, Embedded audio, 1:1 Pixel to pixel mapping, Scans, DSLR full ekran switch
High Brightness LCD Pannel Auto Detect Color Format 3D Video Decoder
Image Size Settings 10 Bit Signal Process Color Temperature settings
Waveform (YCbCr) Full Screen Waveform Vectorscope
Pixel Measurement Histogram/RGB Histogram Picture Flip
Focus Assist False color/ Zebra UMD
Fast Mode H/V Delay DSLR Full screen switch
Compatible SDI Formats
ITU?R BT.656 576i(50)
SMPTE-125M 480i(59.94)
SMPTE-274M 1080i(60/59.94/50)1080P(30/29.97/24/25/23.98)
SMPTE-260M 1035i(60/59.94)
SMPTE-296M 720P(60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98)
SMPTE-425M 1080P(60/59.94/50)
Specifications and Features
Model Number KVM-9050W
Display Size 9″
Resolution 1280×768
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Wide Viewing Angle H: 170 degree / V: 170 degree
Pixel Pitch 0.05×0.15(mm)
Color Depth 16.7M
Response time 18ms
Brightness 400cd/?
Contrast Ratio 800:1
Video(composite) input 1×BNC
Component(YPbPr/YCbCr/RGB) In 3×BNC(Support 1080p)
2x 3G/HD/SD-SDI Inputs and 1x Output 3G/HD/SD-SDI Auto-Detected
SDI Audio Embedded 8 Channel audio Disembedded
Audio Meter Display(VU+PPM) Display Volume Level Meter
Analog Audio Input 3.5mm Headset Switch Cable
Audio Headset Output 3.5mm Headset Jack
Built-in Speaker 2W×2
Remote Control RS-232
Color System PAL/NTSC/SECAM (Auto-Detected)
Dual Pictures (PIP/PBP) PIP Pictures? Sizes and Positions are adjustable;
Two Pictures Swap Two Pictures in rapid Swap
Color Temperature 9300K, 6500K, 5600K, 3200K, User
  Marker Settings Center Marker, Aspect Ratio Marker, Safety area,Mat(white,black,gray,translucency)
Waveform Display YCbCr waveform values, support Full screen waveform display
Vector scope Display Vectorscope values
Histogram Real-time analysis of single-frame luminance distribution
RGB Histogram Real-time analysis of single-frame RGB distribution
Pixel Measure select any single pixel or block of pixels using a movable cross hair to obtain real time readouts of the YRGB values for that position
False Color aid in the setting of camera exposure
Focus Assist aid the camera operator in obtaining the sharpest possible picture
UMD support TSL V3.1 and user can input any customized text
Zebra aid in setting the correct exposure
Picture Flip The signal picture that are shot is horizontally reversed for normal viewing
Fast Mode Minimize the delay time, interlaced scanning without converting into progressive scan
B/W Select Mode Y
Blue Screen Mode Y
H/V Delay H/V and Blank Region Area Display
Zoom in Any part image can be selected freely;  x9 zoom in
DSLR Full screen Switch Full screen diplay for Canon 5D record mode
Scan Mode Full scan / Over Scan
Image Size Settings 16:9 /4:3 /Full Screen /Graphic Ratio / 1:1 (Point to Point)
TALLY High-Light LED Signal Indicator
Operating Temperature -10??50?
Input Voltage Wide range DC in: 7V-20V
Power by battery support battery plate types: V-mount, Anton Bauer, 7.2V DV types
Power Consumption 12W
Power-Saving Mode Turn off unimportant Key Automatically during No Signal Input
19″ Rack Accessories N
VESA Installation N
Desktop Stand N
Unit Dimension 219x168x33mm
Net weight 1.2kg
Shell Materials Aluminum on Front-Shell/Base Supporter/Rust-Proof iron on Back-Shell