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AF101 PL Mount; Panasonic AG-AF100 Serisi için PL mount modifikasyon kitidir. 

Panasonic AG-AF101 kamera için PL mount modifikasyon kiti. Ayrıntılı bilgi için lütfen arayınız.

AF100’s existing Micro Four Thirds mount to allow the camera to use PL-mount cine lenses. The mount is recommended to be used in conjunction with the SOLID CAMERA Baseplate (not included), which provides rigid support and is configured to attach to the ARRI Super 35 baseplate for integration with ARRI standard accessories and those from other manufacturers.

The SOLID CAMERA PL Mount comes with an ARRI 0.076 shim and is designed to use standard ARRI shims for critical flange focal depth adjustments. The mount also includes four centering screws for precision lens-centering adjustments, which tweak the zoom tracking of the lens. No special tools or skills are necessary to assemble the system, and the camera can be easily returned to the stock lens mount assembly.